Your credit score is never static. It always changes based on your transactions and payments. Every time you spend money or apply for credit your FICO score changes. Have you seen your credit report?

Your FICO score mostly depends on how you spend your money, but there are times when changes in the score may be the result of errors that you are not aware of.

When you plan to fix credit score, you must recognize if the changes were a result of legitimate spending and transactions by you or result of errors that you did not know of.

Hard inquiries into your credit are one of the major reasons behind a sudden decline in your FICO score. However, when opting for credit repair service, it is completely possible to remove hard inquiries from your credit report, especially if they were done without your approval.

What is a hard inquiry?

Credit inquiries are of two types: hard and soft. Both hard and soft credit inquiries are the same, but they affect your credit score in different ways.

A hard inquiry is when a lender asks for your full credit report from any one of the credit bureaus.

A hard inquiry affects your credit score negatively and stays on your credit report for up to two years. On the other hand, a soft inquiry is when you pull your own credit report or view your credit score. This has no negative impact on your FICO score.

Hard inquiries can be pulled by a lender, a bank, or by brokers and landlords when renting an apartment. Ideally, hard enquiry must always be pulled with your consent. If you had no knowledge of a hard inquiry being pulled on your credit report you can have it removed.

How to remove hard inquiries from your credit report?

There are some instances when you can have a hard inquiry removed from your credit report. If the inquiry was done without your approval, you can have it removed legally from your credit report.

First, you have to send the credit issuer a letter by certified mail stating that you want to remove certain inquiries from your report. You must also send a letter to the lender. Make sure to send the notice to the appropriate credit bureau.

If you want you can even include a copy of your credit report along with your letter, highlighting the unapproved inquiries. Remember to collect all proof if you want to take the matter to court.

It is recommended to utilize the help of a credit repair service when you want to remove hard inquiries from your report. With professional help, it is easier and less time consuming to improve credit score.