Your life can get much easier if you build your credit. It improves your chance of qualifying for credit cards or loans. You might also lower interest rates, better rates on car insurance, and avoid the need to pay utility deposits. Increasing your credit score, even to the lower part of the “excellent credit†range can dramatically change the way lenders see you. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your credit score and get it from bad to good.

Raise Your Credit in 3 Steps

Here are 3 ways to raise your credit score by 100 points.

  1. Fix Mistakes on Your Credit Reports: Errors on your credit reports can have at least a small negative effect on your credit scores. This is why you should check your reports for any errors and fix them as soon as possible.

If you see any mistakes on your credit report, make sure to promptly dispute them with the appropriate bureaus and get them removed.

  1. Pay Off Past-Due Bills: Payment history has a highly significant impact on credit scores. Therefore, it is crucial to find out if you are behind on any accounts and if you do, pay them off quickly. Call the creditor to ask if reported delinquencies can be rescinded so that they no longer appear on your credit reports.

Although this step might not work fast, bear in mind that it is essential. You will not make much progress when taking steps to increase credit score unless you pay on time because payment history plays a critical role in credit scores.

  1. Stay Under Your Credit Limit: The amount of credit limit you use, known as credit utilization, has a big influence on your credit score. Experts recommend keeping balances to 30% or less of your credit limits. You can take some steps to manage per-card and overall utilization in a few ways, including:
  • Make micropayments, or multiple small payments.
  • Tackle credit card balances with the highest utilization first.
  • Ask for an increase of your credit limit.
  • Move some debt.

These 3 steps are the best way to get started on improving your credit score. Bear in mind that the process will be a long one, but with time, effort and the right plan, you can be successful. Once your plan to increase credit score shows results, you can begin reaping all of the benefits that come with having decent credit.


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