Score increases in just a few months!
Raise your scores in a few months!
Score increases in just a few months!
Raise your scores in a few months!
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In just a little over a month, results!
Multi-faceted credit repair is incredibly effective to remove bad credit from a consumer’s credit file.
50 points in just the first 39 days
You can start seeing results fast as bad credit begins to disappear!
Almost 100 points in 45 days!
Credit Repair is a great tool to get a second chance without the bad credit stopping them.
Credit Increase in 40 days!
Repairing credit doesn’t have to take forever! At EZ Credit Repair Now, we use all the tools in the arsenal to deliver results!
Life-changing deletion
$278,000 judgment is gone!
111_280_csupload_64184566Why pay a collection when it can be legally eliminated completely?
Let EZ Credit Repair Now fight for your rights!
111_280_csupload_64184566When good can get even better
Even good credit can be improved by EZ Credit Repair Now!
111_280_csupload_64184566145-point credit bureau increase!
Better credit is attainable!
Score optimization
When you need a helping hand!
Another almost 100-point increase!
In a few short months, life-changing!
111_280_csupload_64184566WOW! Almost 100 points increase!
How would a credit score increase of almost 100 points affect your life?
111_280_csupload_64184566 Repos! Tax liens! Eliminated!
Yes, bad credit can be removed legally!
111_280_csupload_64184566Score increases happen quickly
Almost a 25-point increase in just the first round as bad credit gets eliminated.
111_280_csupload_64184566Credit score increase!
Even “difficult” cases can end with a vast improvement by getting rid of bad credit items on your credit report.

111_280_csupload_64184566Collections, gone!
Collections are on the most commonly erroneous reported items on a person’s credit bureau.

111_280_csupload_64184566Unverifiable debt
$800 cable bill eliminated! Remember the burden of proof is on the creditor! Don’t allow them to give you bad credit.

111_280_csupload_64184566Over $21,000! Corrected and deleted!
Credit bureaus make plenty of mistakes! Don’t fall victim to having to pay for them! Get your credit repaired and remove the bad credit items that appear on your bill!

111_280_csupload_64184566Effective round!
19 deletions in one shot! This is an incredible victory and proof that erroneous bad credit items can be removed and your credit repaired.

111_280_csupload_64184566Must be proactive to get results!
885 score through deletions of too many good accounts!

111_280_csupload_64184566$15,000 in civil judgment, gone!
Yes, even civil judgments can be placed on the wrong credit file. Don’t let it be yours. Any type of bad credit is BAD.

111_280_csupload_64184566Inquiries can be deleted too!
Collection companies will hurt your score with unauthorized inquiries! Don’t let inquiries drag your credit score down!

111_280_csupload_64184566Yet another success story!
This can be you! More erroneous bad credit information on the credit bureaus, corrected and deleted.

111_280_csupload_64184566Medical collections, gone!
Why pay for frivolous medical collections that are not yours? Just because it’s on your credit bureau, it doesn’t mean it’s yours. Get the bad credit removed!

111_280_csupload_64184566Inquiries, gone!
Too many inquiries can lower your credit score and hurt your credit integrity! Make sure they’re authorized and yours! You may have “bad credit” and not even know it.

111_280_csupload_64184566BK gone; 132-point score increase!
Do you think your life would be easier if your credit score increased by 132 points and had a BK deleted? YOU BET!

111_280_csupload_64184566New dream car!
5 months ago, this person couldn’t qualify to buy any car. Today they got their dream car! Credit repair goes a long way when we get rid of the bad credit.

111_280_csupload_64184566Google reviews!
Here, at EZ Credit Repair Now, we love to make our customers happy!


Google Reviews!
Here, at EZ Credit Repair Now, we love to make our customers happy!


111_280_csupload_64184566More recommendations
Want a new car? Call us first! Let’s make your bad credit rating not hold you back from getting the affordable payment you want.


111_280_csupload_64184566Skeptical, are you?
We deliver results when it comes to credit repair and credit restoration. We can repair bad credit and establish it as new!


111_280_csupload_64184566Sales professional building his sales potential!
Mortgage brokers, employers, and auto sales looking to boost their sales need a better quality customer. EZ Credit Repair Now is here to help!


Allow us to help you
EZ Credit Repair Now handles all the tedious work, so you don’t have to. Credit repair is not hard, but it is TEDIOUS work!



111_280_csupload_64184566You have rights!
Allow EZ Credit Repair Now to assist you in protecting your rights against harassing collectors!



111_280_csupload_64184566See your credit score rise!
With score optimization, you can be assured many new possibilities awaits you.



111_280_csupload_64184566We don’t stop after your credit restoration
Our ongoing educational program makes sure you learn what pitfalls to avoid. At EZ Credit Now, we make it our mission to keep you informed.



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