0_0_0_0_150_223_csupload_61603533_largeHi my fellow bloggers!In response to all the wonderful comments from you all regarding my blog, I’d like to share with you a little about myself for those who may have not know my background.My name is Sandra Valentine and I own and operate EZ Credit Repair Now (a subsidiary of SVC Consulting Inc.) a web-based credit repair company incorporated in Alabama and servicing clientele nationwide.

I have been in the automobile/credit and finance industry since 1987 till date. (Yes, I’m old, but wise lol).

The main reason I enjoy sharing my knowledge through blogging is because I’m so passionate about people falling into situations that could have been avoided if only “they knew better.” With the burden now falling into the consumer’s hand as opposed to the credit bureaus, now 80% of credit bureaus contain errors on them.

Too often I see clients with a delinquent account that has been sold over and over to different collection and law offices and end up getting “hit” several times on their credit for the SAME account. WOW!!!! Last I heard if you murder someone you can only go to jail ONCE for it, so why are people getting penalized for one account over and over and over again? It’s a destructive and unlawful pattern that people need to know they have the right to fight and get corrected.

Many of us have already been through our pitfalls and although there are certainly are no guarantees in life that we may not find ourselves there again, I strive to share as much as I can and “translate” the world of credit and finance into “plain English” where young, old, savvy or new, will be able to understand and learn from it. The do’s and the don’ts; The lawful and the scams; the pitfalls to avoid and what to be vigilant for. The sad part to all this, is that yes, credit repair is no walk in the park for someone who is not well versed in the laws and process, so what to do if you’re in this situation? Find a reliable credit repair company (as I’ve blogged, beware of scammers), that will fight for your rights!This latest topic I have been blogging about, loan acceleration, has been around for about 20 years, although now it’s beginning to make a bigger market presence after our economic downfall and ever-increasing interest rates, which has caused many people to think twice before spending money and are actively seeking for ways to save money whenever possible.

There is no “catch” to this program. It’s simple and easy to enroll. Best of all it can save you BIG and with no out-of-pocket upfront fees, it makes it a no-brainer. People are just naturally skeptical. The enrollment fees are recovered by the acceleration company from your savings, which is why people get confused on how the acceleration company is making “their” money if you’re just making your normal payment (just in a bi-weekly fashion as opposed to monthly). Enrollment fees vary from only $399 (auto) and can range from $599 to $899 on a mortgage. Now, here’s the question of the day.Do you think it’s worth investing let’s say $699 (which you’re not paying up front) to save $50,000, $60,000 or more on your home loan and reducing your mortgage term by an average of 5-8 YEARS?How about $399 (again, which you’re not paying up front) and save thousands of dollars and reduce the term of your auto loan by 5-8 months?

Friends, we’re talking about savings thousands of dollars not a few bucks! I am an agent with the longest running loan acceleration company in the United States which has been in business for over 13 years and are FDIC insured and have a AAA Better Business Rating. If you would like to get a quote on the savings of your home or auto, please feel free to contact us. A quote takes less than a minute. If you prefer, complete the contact form on our website with the following information:-type of loan (auto or mortgage)-approx balance-monthly payment-interest rate-time remaining (please specify months or years)and we’ll supply you with a quote and we’ll email it back to you!I invite you visit our website and FB fanpage for even more info!


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